23 May 2015  
4. Sha'aban 1436
Today's Namaz Timings
Fajar 5:09am
Sunrise 6:24am
Zuhr 1:18pm
Sunset 8:12pm
Magrib 8:27pm

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Alghadeer Youth
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Imam Ali (a.s.) said:

"I wonder at the mentality of a miser, fearing poverty he takes to stinginess and thus hastily pushes himself head- long into a state of want and destitution, he madly desires plenty and ease, but throws it away without understand- ing. In this world he, of his own free will, leads the life of a a beggar and in the next world he will have to submit an account like the rich."




Al-Ghadeer has been in operation since 1993 conducting yearly Islamic programs. These programs, along with Abu-Talib Learning Center, have been conducted in leased facilities. By the Grace of All-Mighty(SWT), by the blessings of the fountainhead of blessings -- Mohammad-o-ale-Mohammad, and with your help and encouragement, we proceeded to build a permanent center for these activities. Al-Hamdo-Lillah, the center is ready & operational, conducting all the programs that lead to fulfilling Al-Ghadeer's mission of propagating the message that Rasool-Allah delivered at Ghadeer-e-khum on 18th. Zilhi...

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Date May 22nd - Friday

03 Shabaan - Program Details: Dinner 7.30PM - Prayers 8.30PM - Jashn 9.00PM

Event: Jashn-e-Viladat Imam Hussain (AS) & Hazrat-e-Abbas (AS)

Guest Poet: Shaer-e-Ahlebait Janab Mujahid Ali Zafar & Janab Hasan Abbas Ehsan


Date: June 2nd - Tuesday

14 Shabaan - 8.30PM

Event: Jashn-e-Viladat Imam-e-Zamana (AFS)

Guest: Allama Syed Yasser Naqvi

Program: Short Qaseeda Khwani and Speech followed by Aamal-e-Shab-e-Baraa't


Date: June 5th - Friday

17 Shabaan - 8.30PM

Event: Jashn-e-Viladat Imam-e-Zamana (AFS)

Guest Poet: Shaer-e-Ahlebait Janab Mujahid Ali Zafar & Janab Hasan Abbas Ehsan

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