01 July 2015  
14. Ramadan 1436
Today's Namaz Timings
Fajar 5:10am
Sunrise 6:25am
Zuhr 1:25pm
Sunset 8:26pm
Magrib 8:41pm

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Alghadeer Youth
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Imam Ali heard somebody reciting the passage of the Holy Quran we belong to Allah and our return is towards Him, Imam Ali said, “How true it is ! Our declaring that we belong to Allah indicates that we accept Him as our Master, Owner and Lord. And when we say that our return is towards Allah indicates that we accept our mortality”.




Al-Ghadeer has been in operation since 1993 conducting yearly Islamic programs. These programs, along with Abu-Talib Learning Center, have been conducted in leased facilities. By the Grace of All-Mighty(SWT), by the blessings of the fountainhead of blessings -- Mohammad-o-ale-Mohammad, and with your help and encouragement, we proceeded to build a permanent center for these activities. Al-Hamdo-Lillah, the center is ready & operational, conducting all the programs that lead to fulfilling Al-Ghadeer's mission of propagating the message that Rasool-Allah delivered at Ghadeer-e-khum on 18th. Zilhi...

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Starting Thursday June 18, 2015

O’ ye who believe! Fasting has been ordained unto you as it was ordained

unto those before you so that ye guard yourself (Al-Baqarah – V183)


Speech 7.45PM

Namaz-e-Maghribain 8.39PM

Iftar 9.00PM

Dua-e-Iftetah 9.45PM

Tilawat-e-Quran 10.00PM

Note: Speech on Shab-e-Viladat-e-Imam Hasan (as) and

For Ayaam-e-Shahadat-e-Imam Ali (as) will be after Iftar

Prayers & Speech: Sheikh Hassanain Aleem Meer – 1-14 Ramazan (English)

Moulana Adeel Raza – 15-30 Ramazan (Urdu) 


Date: October 2nd - Friday

18 Zilhijjah

Event: Jashn-e-Ghadeer

Guest: TBA

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