26 March 2015  
5. Jamadi-ul-Saani 1436
Today's Namaz Timings
Fajar 6:03am
Sunrise 7:18am
Zuhr 1:27pm
Sunset 7:36pm
Magrib 7:51pm

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Alghadeer Youth
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Imam Ali (a.s.) said:

"Many persons get nothing out of their fasts but hunger and thirst, many more get nothing out of their night prayers but exertions and sleepless nights. Wise and sagacious persons are praiseworthy even if they do not fast and sleep during the nights."




Al-Ghadeer has been in operation since 1993 conducting yearly Islamic programs. These programs, along with Abu-Talib Learning Center, have been conducted in leased facilities. By the Grace of All-Mighty(SWT), by the blessings of the fountainhead of blessings -- Mohammad-o-ale-Mohammad, and with your help and encouragement, we proceeded to build a permanent center for these activities. Al-Hamdo-Lillah, the center is ready & operational, conducting all the programs that lead to fulfilling Al-Ghadeer's mission of propagating the message that Rasool-Allah delivered at Ghadeer-e-khum on 18th. Zilhi...

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Date March 26 - Thursday
5 Jamadussani - AT 8.30PM
Event: Majlis-e-Eesal-e-Sawab for Marhoom Syed Nadir Ali Zaidi
Speaker: Moulana Syed Farqaleeta AlHussaini

Date April 9 - Thursday
19 Jamadussani At 8.30PM
Event: Wiladat-e-Janab Fatima Zehra (SA)
Speaker: Shaer-e-Ahlebaith Janab Mohammed Ali Wafa.

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